Top 9 Reasons to Invest in a Portable Generator

If there has ever been a time when you wished there was electricity, but none was available, then you would really appreciate the value of a portable electric generator. Power will not always be there when you need it!

Natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes can hit your city and destroy the power grid. Research suggests that about 70 percent of power outages in the U.S. are as a result of natural calamities and severe weather. Electricity supply companies work hard to restore power immediately, but sometimes it takes days if the damage is severe.

A portable electric generator can come in handy in such a case. But being prepared for a power outage is only one of the reasons why portable generators are a necessity. Read on to find all the reasons why you should invest in a portable generator:

1. Get Backup Power to Your Household

Aside from being used for regular power supply daily, portable generators offer backup to your household in case of outages. These generators are very beneficial when power failures happen. You can use them to keep your appliances running until power gets back.

For example, backup power will keep your refrigerators on and prevent your food items from going bad. It will also keep your air conditioning systems operational, so your family and pets don’t suffer from extreme temperatures. It’s dangerous for individuals with breathing conditions to be exposed to hot or freezing temperatures for long.

Plus, if you have an electric car, a portable generator will be the reason you get to work when there’s no electricity. Carrying the generator with you when going on long distances is a wise idea. It will help you avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere if your battery drops to zero.

2. Get Power Backup to Your Small Business

Most businesses are massively affected by a power loss, even for only a few hours. If yours is one of them, you’re a candidate for portable generators.

Small businesses that rely on electricity for refrigeration of their products like butcheries, restaurants, and grocery stores suffer the most losses. In case of power failure, most of their raw materials and products go to waste. A portable generator can provide the necessary power to keep such systems operational and save businesses plenty of cash.

Many other businesses need portable backup generators. These include healthcare providers, financial institutions, and companies providing real-time internet-based services.

3. Portable Generators Provide a Safety Net Against Severe Climates

If you live in a region that often faces hurricanes and tornadoes, you need a portable generator. Experiencing power failure during a natural disaster can be deadly. Even communication with the authorities to call for rescue efforts will be a problem.

With a portable generator, you’ll keep your phones charged for communication with rescuers. You’ll also power lamps, heaters, and several appliances to keep you going. A generator can mean the line between life and death during severe catastrophes.

4. Provides Power for Site Contractors

If you work at building sites that are often not connected to a power grid, buy a portable generator. Whether you’re a roofer, plumber, or electrician, you need power when power at a work site to get your job done. Even on sites with electricity connection, carry a portable generator in case of an outage.

A generator will allow you to continue with your job when power vanishes. You’ll finish your project on time and please the client with your professionalism, and they’ll most likely refer your services. Check out Able Sales today for a wide range of high-quality portable generators for sale!

5. Brings Power to Your Outdoor Recreational Activities

If you’re an enthusiast of recreational activities like camping and hiking, a portable generator can make your outdoor experience better. Camping doesn’t have to be an ancient experience. Carry a source of electricity to operate several appliances and make the adventure wholesome.

Items such as lamps, fans, bug zappers, and coffee makers are convenient on a leisure trip. But without a power source to keep them charged, you can’t get enough out of them. So, the next time you’re going camping, don’t forget to load a portable generator in your RV!

6. If You Live or Are Moving to a Remote Area

People in remote locations face regular blackouts than those in urban areas. Repairs also take time because these places are hard to access. If you live in such a locality, get a portable generator, and you’ll avoid the hindrances caused by power outages.

Also, if you’re traveling to a region without access to electricity, carry a generator. It’s a no brainer that you’ll need one if you want to keep enjoying power benefits.

7. If You have an Event

Imagine there’s a power failure when you’re making an important business presentation to investors or potential clients. Do you think they’ll wait until the lights get back?

Instead of going through the hassle of trying to get them back on the table, get a portable generator. It will keep your meetings and events uninterrupted, so you don’t ever have to lose business.

8. Provide Crucial Power for Medical Devices

If you or a member of your family has a health condition that needs uninterrupted support from electrical devices, a portable generator is vital. For example, you need a power source to keep an oxygen machine running when power fails.

9. Give You and Your Family Peace of Mind

There’s nothing as good as knowing you’ll never be short of electricity supply. It gives you and your family exceptional peace of mind. A portable generator at home or during a camping adventure out in the woods will make you a darling to your spouse and kids.

Buy a Portable Generator Today!

A portable generator may be costly upfront, but its benefits far outweigh its price. It provides convenience, saves your business money, and acts as a life-saving power backup system.

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