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10 Best Casino Movies of All Time

If there is one movie you can bet on, it’s a casino movie. Whether its the underdog wanting to cash in or talented poker players hoping to get the best of their opponents, we cannot help but fall in love...

James Bond

10 Best James Bond Scenes of All Time

James Bond is easily one of the most iconic characters that the silver screen has witnessed, as his ability to get out of tough situations is second to none. The next instalment in a franchise that has run for 23...

Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained

10 Fantastic Django Unchained Facts

The title might have your curiosity, but you can guarantee the following facts about Django Unchained will have your attention. Quentin Taratino fans, prepare yourselves, because we’re about to blow your mind. 1. Racial Slurs image via Calvin Candie might be...