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10 Television History Facts You Should Know

John Logie Baird made technological history when the first transmission of a human face was seen on television on 30th October, 1925. Since then, the world has fallen in love with TV, and this invention inspired multiple technologies that now...

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10 Google Funnies You Need to Try

You would think Google had plenty of work to do, what with running the biggest search engine in the world, providing a social network, transporting our emails and creating cars. However, it turns out that its staff always have time...


10 Twitter Facts You Need to Tweet

Twitter is one of the most successful social network websites in the world, as 32% of all internet users all love a good tweet. There’s so much information on your Twitter feed, but probably not a lot about the site...


10 Mind Blowing Facebook Facts

Facebook has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate. We can contact anyone, anywhere, at the touch of a button, but there are some things about the social network you probably don’t know, which is why we here at The List...

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