10 Subway Facts to Make Your Stomach Growl

Subway is the fastest growing fast food franchise in the world, selling subs to 107 countries across the globe. You might love their sandwiches, but what do you actually know about the chain? Here are 10 Subway facts to make your stomach growl.

1. The First Subway

pete's super submarines

17-year-old Fred DeLuca opened the first ever Subway way back in 1965, but it was then called “Pete’s Super Submarines” and he opened the restaurant to help pay for his college tuition fees.

2. The Largest Restaurant Chain

subway store

Many people most likely believe McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world; however, it’s actually Subway, as they have the most restaurants across the planet.

There are more than 41,766 chains across the world – meaning an average of two restaurants have opened per day since 1965.

3. 2 Million Sandwich Combinations

subway sandwiches

According to the official Subway restaurant, customers can create over 2 million sandwich combinations when they visit a chain.

4. Planet Earth

subway earth

Subway makes enough sandwiches in a year that could wrap around planet Earth 14 times. That’s a lot of subs!

6. Lovely Lettuce

subway sandwich

Love or loathe lettuce, Subway just can’t get enough of the stuff, as they use an average of 16 acres of letter per year – which is approximately 35 football fields.

7. Cheese

subway sandwich with cheese

So, if they use a lot of lettuce, they most definitely go through a heck of a lot of cheese, right? You bet they do, as they use enough cheese each year to fill 600,000 professional ice hockey rinks.

8. Weird Locations

subway in church

You’ll find a Subway almost everywhere – even in a laundromat, car dealership and a church. God must love a good sandwich!

9. Portable Shop

portable subway at world trade centre

In order to continually provide workers at the World Trade Center construction site with sandwiches, Subway created a mobile restaurant that moved up the building as each floor was finished.

10. The Footlong

subway footlong

Subway’s Footlong is not a footlong. It’s only 11 inches long. After receiving numerous complaints about the sandwich size, they stated that it’s simply a descriptive name for the sandwich and not a measurement of length.

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