Celebrities, They’re Just Like us: The Most Famous Celebrity Injuries

Hollywood has made the safety of its actors its top priority but despite their drastic measures, it’s not enough. This is because no matter what we do we should first understand that injuries are uncommon and unpredictable.

The best way celebrities can evade most of these injuries is by avoiding risky activities, uncertain environments and setting up sufficient safety strategies. It’s evident that most celebrities engaged in sports have a higher rate of getting injured.

Sports like skiing have reportedly led to fatal injuries and even loss of lives. It doesn’t matter which field of action a celebrity is involved in, if they don’t take safety measures into their own hands, the probability of getting injured will be high.

Most celebrities especially engaged in sports suffer most injuries due to fatigue and participation in low energy activities that lead to deterioration of their overall form.

The major secret is to take good care of yourself by setting first aid kids in risky locations. Celebrities, just like normal people, get hurt. Want some examples? Read this post to learn more about the most famous celebrity injuries.

Gerald Butler

He’s one of the prominent actors today having featured in numerous major television movies like Gods of Egypt, a den of thieves, London has fallen just to mention a few.

His sweet afternoon motorbike ride was turned to chaos after his motorbike was hit by a car. He sustained a few minor injuries; cuts and bruises. He was also injured two years ago while surfing but escaped with minor injuries.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is an English professional footballer who has played for many clubs like Manchester United Everton and D.C. United. His sporting shoes and other sporting gears might have had issues causing injuries.

He suffered from metatarsal injuries and fractures which has had a negative impact on his career. These injuries have forced him, miss, playing crucial matches like the final euro qualifier against Russia in a decade ago.

Brent Hurt

He portrays Roger Davies in the film rent live show. Hurt broke his ankle during the rehearsals, a night before the show could kick off. This event forced the fox to air the footage of the rehearsal instead of the live production.

If he wanted he could have sued his employers for the carelessness of the filming equipment in the theater that facilitated his ankle injury. Learn more about what to do in case you’re injured while working.

Abby Lee Miller

The brilliant “dance mums “star has been in and out of chemotherapy for quite a while now. These therapies have been brought up by a series of spinal surgeries and cancer treatments she has undergone.

She has struggled most of her months going through physical therapy to learn to sit and one day walk again.

Aly Reisman

Despite the fact that she is well known for her Olympian gold medal, she couldn’t evade falling from the staircase just like any other normal person could. Aly has been a gymnast for close to nineteen years and in this enormous period of gymnastic experience, she has never broken even a single bone.

Have you ever heard of a quote that no one can evade nature? The stairs finally got to her and she broke her elbow.

Melanie Brown

She’s one of America’s got talent respected judges, professional songwriter, rapper, dancer and actress. She got admitted last year December in the United Kingdom for undergoing severed right-hand surgery and two broken ribs.

Just like Aly, Melanie Brown suffered the same fate too. Her injuries were as a result of a freaky staircase fall down accident.

Adrian Grenier

Reports confirmed that the Entourage star wound his leg in a rock climbing accident. He was wearing a cast on the left leg and walking with the aid of crutches.

Some activities are fun to try out for your leisure time but they can turn to a bad accident if anything goes wrong. He has improved his condition since he doesn’t use the crutches anymore but still has a boot cast.

Janelle Evans

She is famous for her role in the TV show teen mums 2. She was hurried to the hospital last year due to an attack by her husband after drinking. She called the police to come to her rescue even though there was no case filed.

This is because despite her earlier statement on the phone that her husband David Eason pinned her to the ground and almost broke her collar bone she later confessed live that it was a drunkard misunderstanding situation.

Hillary Swank

She is a renounced award-winning American actress and producer. She ended up getting stitches because the end of Gerald butler’s pair of suspenders hit her by accident while they were filming a movie.

As discussed earlier no one can predict these celebrity injuries but they are avoidable where possible.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the most talented English songwriter, singer, guitarist, actor, and record producer. He claims to have got his face nicked by accident by Princess Beatrice as she was “knight” singing to James Blunt song.

He was recently involved in a biking accident which forced him to get a cast.

Overseeing Celebrity Injuries

There are many celebrity injury scenarios encountered either at their places of work or any other areas that are risky. Some celebrity injuries are gruesome scenes while others escape with minor injuries.

What is it with the human nature that we seem to attract unpleasant sites that could be detrimental to our health? Most celebrities seem induced to this nature and they even discuss their injuries and occurrences.

Some even go further to post pictures on social media. Most celebrities should be driven by courage and enhance proper safety measures to overcome these injuries.

It’s better to be safe than sorry later when you’re suffering due to negligence or clumsiness. Read more from our blogs to get more entertaining celebrity articles about movies, sports, and other activities.


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