10 Harry Potter Attractions You Have to Visit

People across the world could not help but fall in love with the Harry Potter books and movies, with many fans feeling as though they’ve grown up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. If you’re of the books and/or the movies, you just have to check out the following 10 Harry Potter attractions you have to visit:

1. King’s Cross Station, London, England

King's Cross Station Harry Potter

image via comforttour.ca

Who can forget the iconic moment Harry learns about Platform 9 3/4, watching Ron and his siblings run through the platform’s wall. It is the moment Harry first steps into the magical world that transforms his future. It’s no surprise King’s Cross Station has become a popular Harry Potter tourist attraction in the UK. The station isn’t located between Platforms 9 and 10, either. You can find the arched wall between platforms 4 and 5. You can even take a picture with the luggage entering the wall.

2. Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter, London, England

Diagon Alley

image via www.visitlondon.com

Watch how the magical world of Harry Potter was brought to life on the big screen at Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter. The 80-hectare studio complex is located in Leavesden, Hertfordshire. Here you can step inside The Great Hall in Hogwarts, can explore Dumbledore’s office, and you can even ride a broomstick on green screen technology – just like Daniel Radcliffe would have done during filming!

3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, Florida, USA

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

image via orlandoinformer.com

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter allows visitors to experience Hogsmeade for themselves. You can grab a mug of Butterbeer, take a walk through Hogwarts Castle and can even enjoy thrill-seeking rides that Ron and Harry would love! Located in Orlando, Florida, it’s the ultimate Harry Potter experience for fans young and old.

4. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England

Alnwick Castle

image via www.kevinandamanda.com

Alnwick Castle was the location where Madame Hooch’s flying lesson in Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone was filmed. During a visit to the castle that’s over 700 years old, you can even partake in a broomstick lesson just like Harry – just be careful that Draco Malfoy isn’t around to spoil it for you.

5. Leadenhall Market, London, England

Leadenhall Market

image via www.walklondon.com

Leadenhall Market is more than just a Victorian market, it was used as the setting for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, plus more. Look out for the opticians with the blue door, as this building served as the entrance to the wizard pub The Leaky Cauldron.

6. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Fort William, Scotland

Glenfinnan Viaduct

image via www.theguardian.com

One of the most memorable moments from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has to be the flying Ford Anglia, which lands on the Glenfinnan Viaduct, located = between Fort William and Mallaig on the West Highland Line in Scotland. Fans of the book and movie series can even enjoy a trip on the Jacobite Steam Train during May to October, feeling as though they’re onboard the Hogwart’s Express.

7. Reptile House at London Zoo, London, England

Reptile House from Harry Potter

image via blog.travefy.com

Remember the moment when Harry realised he could speak Parseltongue in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Well, you can visit the reptile house in London where the scene was filmed. You can also attempt to talk to some of the biggest, most venomous reptiles on the planet – so don’t magic away the glass!

8. Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Freshwater West

image via www.welsh-cottages.co.uk

Freshwater West is more than just a popular surfing destination, it is the host of the fictional home of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour of Shell Cottage. Yes, it’s the location where one of series most loveable characters takes their last breath. In addition to Harry Potter, the beach has also been featured in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.

9. Piccadilly Circus, London, England

Piccadilly Circus

image via www.hypable.com

Dress up as Harry, Ron and Hermione to recreate the moment they’re forced to flee to Piccadilly Circus in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. It was an exciting moment in the movie series, as it gave the audience a chance to see the wizards and witch outside of their magical world.

10. Boldeian Library, Oxford, England

Bodleian Library

image via www.popsugar.com

Boldeian Library starred in not one, not two, but three Harry Potter movies, serving as Hogwarts library and Hogwart’s infirmary. It’s also the locations where Oscar Wilde, J. R. R. Tolkein and C S Lewis studied. Impressive!

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