11 Sure Signs That He’s Cheating

A 2016/2017 general social survey showed that men cheat more than women. The statistical analysis stood at 20% for men and 13% for women. Nonetheless, the figures may vary depending on age.

Cheating can either be physical or emotional. There are diverse indicators of an unfaithful partner. 

Most times they are absent from the relationship. Some end up treating their partners with a lot of kindness and love to compensate for the guilt they feel.

Below are 11 signs that he’s cheating on you.

1. He Cares More About How He Looks

A cheating boyfriend concerns himself with his appearance. You will notice that as opposed to before, he will try to look his best every day. Looking good is not bad, but it’s alarming when he obsesses about it.

If he is cheating on you, then he will start wearing designer clothes. Additionally, he will ensure that he has expensive perfumes. He will have a sudden personality shift and may even consider plastic surgery.

2. He Will Compliment You a Lot

When a man compliments a lot, it may seem thoughtful and nice. But, you should consider it a red flag because the complements may be a means of destructing you. Additionally, if he never used to compliment you before, then that should alarm you.

Close to 66 percent of disloyal men have feelings of guilt. Such feelings push them to treat their spouses with an extra amount of kindness. The underlying fact yet is that they are trying to rid themselves of guilt by making you feel special.

3. He Becomes Distant

He has become distant, is he cheating? It could be or he is going through something he does not want to talk about. It’s yet alarming when he starts to ignore you.

Further, some men distant themselves to avoid having a conversation with their spouses. In essence, they don’t want you to catch them in a lie. Further, they stop involving themselves with things you both used to do together.

They get new priorities which don’t include you. Jill and Trial is a movement that can help you learn more about cheating spouses.

4. He Takes His Phone Even When He Goes To the Bathroom

It’s important to build a relationship with love and trust. A couple should not carry any secrets that could harm the relationship. It’s an alarming fact when a guy starts hiding things from you.

A cheating boyfriend will safeguard his phone with his life. This is because he knows that if he leaves it lying around, his mistress might call or send a provocative text. Additionally, he will always leave the room when he is on a call with someone.

Further, he will change his password to bar you from accessing his phone.

5. There is Physical Evidence

One thing about cheaters is that they are clumsy. Often times they forget to cover their tracks and as such, you are able to catch them. Yet, some do it on purpose so that they get caught.

A cheating boyfriend or husband will come home smelling like hotel soap or a woman’s perfume. Further, you will find traces of make-up mucky on his shirt. Others will have hair clips or an earring in their car that is not yours.

6. He Constantly Lies

One common characteristic of lying spouses is that they lie. The lies are some sort of a shield that enables them to get away with their infidelity. Additionally, they don’t introduce their spouses to their friends or co-workers.

If your boyfriend is cheating on you, you will catch him in a falsehood after falsehood. They will lie about where they’ve been, who they’ve been with. Often times, they will feign work trips to go away with their mistresses.

Others lie about working late when in reality they are having an affair with another woman.

7. He Has Irregular Mood Swings

First of all, cheating boyfriends come up with excuses that don’t make sense. The truth is that they want to find a reason to stay away from you. As such, they will have fluctuating moods.

Some may become angry for no reason. Others give you the silent treatment yet they don’t say what is bothering them. Other cheaters develop new likes and activities to give him an excuse to leave.

In essence, they don’t want to be the one breaking it off and as such, they’ll frustrate you until you do.

8. He Keeps Referring To One Name

The funny thing about cheating boyfriends is that they cheat with a person you know. It could be your friend or someone he introduced to you as his friend. Sometimes it could be someone he talks about a lot.

A cheating boyfriend will mention the name of the other woman in his stories. It will surprise you that he will mention them even when he did not have to. The reason they do that is that they find it hard not to talk about a person they infatuate about.

9. He Cancels Dates

Your boyfriend will cancel a date when there is an emergency at work or when he is unwell. In essence, he has to give a reason why he won’t be able to make it for the date. Yet, it should alarm you when not showing up for dates becomes a habit.

How to tell if he’s cheating on you begins with how he treats you. Canceling many dates is a red flag.

10. He is Not Intimate With You

If he is not intimate with you means he is getting intimacy from someone else. Intimacy not only means sexual favors but emotional as well. This thus means that someone else is fulfilling his need and so he no longer needs you.

11. Your Sixth Sense Tells you He Is

When you feel like something is off then it’s off. You are not being delusional, you are only human. If you have observed other red flags then your sixth sense is damn right.

Still, ensure you are right because overreacting can cause damage to the relationship.

Signs That He’s Cheating

As a woman, you have to ensure you take note of every red flag. Not all men who cheat look like cheats. A cheating boyfriend may treat you as though you are the most important person in the world.

Still, you should understand that cheats are conniving. They will do anything to look like the victim.

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