5 Ideal Qualities of a Good Dentist

Did you know that there are almost 200,000 active dentists in the United States?

That may seem a lot, right? But if you consider the hundreds of millions of Americans, that may not be enough. Especially if you factor in that 90% of adults in the U.S. have experienced dental cavity.

If you’re one of these people or you simply want to have better oral health, it’s vital to learn what to look for in a dentist. You should know the qualities of a good dentist that make a mouth doctor the right fit for you.

Ready to find the best dentist for you and your family? Then make sure you look for the following dentist qualities!

1. Easy to Talk to and Has a Calming Nature

Did you know that up to eight in 10 Americans feel anxious when it comes to dental treatments? Some 5% to 14% even say that they feel an intense level of dental anxiety!

This is why being caring and personable are some of the most important traits of a good dentist. A great dentist attends to each patient on a more personal level to make them feel more comfortable. They can calm and put even the most terrified patient at ease.

2. Shows Concern for Patients All the Time

The mouth may only be a tiny part of the body, but it serves as the gateway to great overall health. Remember the saying, “What you eat is what you are?” That’s because what goes into the mouth affects many other parts of the body.

It’s for this reason that having a severe toothache may also cause a serious headache. Or when you have painful gum disease, you don’t feel like eating.

Successful dentists always keep this mouth-body connection in mind when treating patients. They always ask the patient how they feel throughout every step of a procedure. They make sure the patient doesn’t feel too much pain or are even relaxed and comfortable.

3. Exceptional Communicator

Great dentists make it easier for patients to feel at ease by avoiding the use of technical jargon. They use easy-to-understand terms to explain complex dental procedures. This allows patients to understand why they need such a procedure or treatment.

4. A Great Educator

A great dentist educates patients on what they can do at home or in the office to prevent oral problems. They share tips and advice (yes, for free!) that can help prevent oral diseases and dental emergencies. That may mean fewer patient visits, but they care more about their patients’ health.

5. Creates a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

The great personable traits of a great dentist extend to the atmosphere of their office. The best dentists ensure their clinics are warm and welcoming and not too much like a hospital. This again, puts all visitors at ease, so as soon as patients enter the clinic, they will feel less anxious.

Of course, the best dentist also has some of the best staff members around. These include friendly and attentive receptionists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants.

Make Sure to Look for these Qualities of a Good Dentist

These are only some of the top qualities of a good dentist, but they should be the first things you should look for. Remember, your dentist will not only help you have better oral health. Your mouth doctor will also contribute to improving your overall health.

As such, be sure to choose a dentist you can trust, feel comfortable with, and won’t feel scared to see!

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