7 Cool Celebrities with Outrageous and Unique Fashion Style

We see them here and there in magazines and posing on the red carpet. If you’re very lucky and you live in a big city, you may see a glimpse of them as they walk by. Who are they? Cool celebrities sporting their own unique brand of fashion.

We don’t encourage you copying anyone else’s look – you have to put your own spin on whatever you do. But you can admire these stylish celebrities and take inspiration from their outfits.

Who are we taking inspiration from right now? Read to find out, below.


If you’re looking for someone that stays in the normal fashion umbrella, ella, ella, you’re not going to find Rihanna.

Riri (as her fans call her) can be the definition of extra when it comes to outfits at planned events.

She does everything from that gorgeous 2018 puffed pink gown, to wearing what looks like a trapeze dress. Except in an infant size and with puff sleeves, which she wore to the Fenty Beauty launch sponsored by Sephora in Paris.

The singer isn’t all dresses, though she loves them, long and short. She makes a splash in her more masculine looks as well, like the khaki oversized pantsuit she wore to the Parsons School of Design Benefit.

One of our favorite Riri outfits was when she wore Dior and mixed both masculinity and femininity in a long-pants style romper. The top was very delicate and femme, but the pants said wide-legged business. She wore this glorious look (in white) to the 2017 Cannes film festival.

If we were there we wouldn’t be paying any attention to the films – we wouldn’t have been able to keep our eyes off her!

Even beautiful destinations like the Louvre and Versaille, which are popular during Paris Fashion Week can’t outshine her outfits. The Dior applique number she wore to the SS17 show was a work of Parisian art.

To keep up with RiRi’s best looks, follow her on Instagram

Dua Lipa

If you don’t know who Dua Lipa is, then you haven’t turned on the radio in the last two years. Does the song that goes “I’ve got new rules I count them” sound familiar to you?

Yes – that’s Dua Lipa and she’s pretty much a badass when it comes to speaking her mind and dressing in whatever way she wants.

For example, she wore a pantsuit (at least there were pants) to the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in December 2017. We say at least there were pants because there wasn’t much else.

And we don’t say that in a bad way. The tight plaid black and white trousers hit right above her belly button, giving us a good view of her smooth torso up to her matching bralette.

The bralette was in the same pattern but had a thick black ribbon trim on the top and on the straps. It was finished with a beaded bow in the middle and the singer wore some stacked necklaces, big fake jeweled earrings, and nothing else.

It’s not what you’d expect someone to wear to a holiday party, but it’s festive, and it works. We love when people dress outside the (Christmas) box.

The second look we loved was what she wore to The BRIT Awards in February 2018. She was a vision in pink pleated tulle, though we don’t know how she sat or walked.

It was very reminiscent of a pink cloud, though her waist was cinched in with a black bow. The delicate fabric and color were offset by her gladiator-like caged heels and we couldn’t get enough of the look.

Margot Robbie

If you don’t know who Margot Robbie is, you’re missing out. She was in the movie Wolf of Wall Street, she played Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife.

Anyways, there’s no doubt that she’s a wolf of the fashion world. To our knowledge, she’s never been on any fashion police or fashion fail list.

To be fair, we rarely see photos of her in daily life, so we don’t know what her causal style is like. But if it’s anything like her formal style, we know it’s fluid and she’s not afraid to try new things.

At the premiere of I, Tonya – which she starred in, she wore a beautiful sequined number. It was right at the same time as those pillows that change color depending on the direction you push the sequins came out too. Wonder if that’s a coincidence – since this look is so dreamy.

The dress itself was pretty much full coverage, though the silhouette stuck close to her body and was pencil shaped in the legs. It was a combination of white, black, silver, and grey sequins, which is a little reminiscent of the ice she pretended to skate over.

You can thank Louis Vuitton for this glittery look.

The look she wore to the Peter Rabbit premiere was as close to a complete 180 as you can get from the last outfit we described. It was a sheath dress, made out of blue and white seersucker.

The dress had darling pearl buttons up and down the front, and a mini flair at the bottom of the skirt with pleats. Little bunnies were embroidered all over the dress. It could double as the perfect Easter Dress

It also looks like something you could buy for a child, but she somehow makes it look very grown up.

The woman knows how to accessorize too, whether it’s a classically understated pearl earring or Seiko vs. Citizen watches.

Cool Celebrities and Their Fashion: Honorable Mention

We meant to list more celebs in this piece, but we love fashion so much we got carried away.

Other celebs we meant to list were people like

  • Beyonce
  • Kate Moss
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Victoria Beckham

Dressing like Cool Celebrities: How To

One of the keys to dressing like a celebrity is having loads of money and barring that, you need to have confidence in what you’re wearing.

Cool celebrities have their stylists pick out outfits for them, so they already know that one expert person thinks their clothes are cool. You can carry that confidence with you too, even if you got your clothes from a second-hand store.

It’s kind of like the saying “smile and the world smiles with you”, so don’t forget your smile as an added accessory.

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