10 Famous People and their Celebrity Pets

The relationships between pets and their people are symbiotic. That’s because they benefit both the human and the pet. This is one of the many reasons that more than 85 million American households are home to at least one animal.

What may be surprising to some is that pet ownership isn’t limited to your “average Joe.” Many celebrities’ own pets too, and these pets have climbed to stardom in their own right.

Are you interested in learning more about some of the most well-known and beloved celebrity pets? If so, you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn more.

Reese Witherspoon and her Donkeys

Best Actress Oscar winner and long-time animal lover Reese Witherspoon has accumulated a rather impressive collection of pets. For example, she has been the mother of three dogs, 20 chickens, three goats, two pigs, and a pony.

But, that’s not all. Her most famous pets are Honky and Tonky, the two adorable, yet troublesome donkeys. Witherspoon adopted the donkeys in 2010 and has had her hands full with the duo since.

Miley Cyrus and Piggy

There’s nothing Miley Cyrus loves more than spending the day with her pets. One of her most prized pets is her pig, Piggy. She has been quoted as saying that “Pig feedin is daaaa best time!”

Tom Hardy and His Pups

While Tom Hardy is definitely a heartthrob who is well-known for posting pictures of his toys (i.e., motorcycles), he’s also a big softie when it comes to his pups. While his beloved dog Woody recently died, he has become enamored by a few other pups.

He’s also regularly fostering strays and other dogs who haven’t yet found a home. Good looks and a heart of gold – that’s a great combination.

The Twitter Famous Hannah and Owner Brittney Spears

If you were to search Twitter for “Hannah Spears,” you would find a pretty popular profile with more than 60,000 followers and 1,200 tweets. What’s really surprising is that the account belongs to a dog. More specifically, the account belongs to Brittney Spears’s Yorkshire Terrier, Hannah.

Hannah made her debut on Twitter in 2012 and has been growing in popularity since. She has even acquired a few celebrity followers, such as the Kardashian clan and Miley Cyrus.

Anushka Sharma and her Labrador

The love Anushka has for her Labrador, Dude is pretty well-known. It’s also something that’s been documented time and time again. This pup is seen on social media so often that her fans know him pretty well, too.

Not only does Anushka love the Lab, but she’s also even championed several pet-friendly festivals. That’s a great way to spread the love. Who knows, maybe next she’ll try to beneficial dog CBD oil that’s growing in popularity.

Nicholas Cage and His Albino King Cobras  

Believe it or not, a pair of albino king cobras aren’t the weirdest animals that modern celebrities own, but they are somewhat unusual. Moby and Sheba (the cobras) cost the “Ghost Rider” approximately $250,000.

The hope here is that Cage is a responsible owner! No one would want to meet one of these snakes out and about.

Paris Hilton and her Legacy of Dogs

After she lost her beloved Tinkerbell, the chihuahua who was commonly seen sitting pretty in her purse, Paris decided to become a dog-mom to a few other pups. The entire gang is referred to as Hilton pets, but some claim here favorite is Diamond Baby.

However, in true Paris style, these pups have been posting with her for pictures since they were adopted. Most of them also have their own, personal doggy mansion.

Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette

When you think about it, the name “Choupette” doesn’t exactly exude the toughness you would expect from German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. However, his beloved red point Birman cat definitely embodies all the high-maintenance, prissy traits that this name suggests.

Choupette was given as a gift to Lagerfeld in 2011 by Baptiste Giabiconi, a French model. Since then, this kitty has received the royal treatment everywhere she went. In fact, just like Hannah, Choupette has her own Twitter page and following.

North West and Sushi

We aren’t talking about the food here. Sushi is North West’s beloved puppy. It was a gift from her famous mom, Kim Kardashian who thought the puppy would be a great way for North West to get ready for her coming sibling. There’s no question the pair is quite cute together.

Mike Tyson – From Pigeons to Tigers

When it comes down to it, no one is too surprised to hear that Mike Tyson has some of the most unusual pets on this list. This boxing legend has been a pet-dad to several weird and exotic pets from a white Bengal tiger to 350 pigeons that he trails for racing.

Celebrity Pets: Did Any Surprise You?

When it comes to celebrity pets, there are more than a few weird and wacky contenders on this list. Chances are, more than a few were surprising to you.

The fact is, celebrities like to be outrageous in many cases; however, it’s really not too different from normal people, right? After all, haven’t you always wanted a pair of albino king cobras?

If you are looking for more interesting and exciting information about celebrities and their quirky behavior, be sure to check out some of our other articles. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in celebrity news.

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