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10 Most Famous Sofas on TV

TV couches are the very places that allow the characters to come together and entertain us in the form of comedy or drama. To celebrate this humble piece of furniture that have provided us with so much entertainment, here are...


10 Coolest Jobs in the World

Do you have to be stuck in an office all day once you get a job? Of course not! There are some incredible careers out there if you’re adventurous enough to take the first steps towards them. How would you...

Leonardo DiCaprio

10 Leonardo DiCaprio Facts You Must Read

Leo has finally done it; he has won an Oscar. To celebrate his Academy Award, we here at The List Love are offering 10 Leonardo DiCaprio facts you must read. 1. Lenny Williams source: It’s hard to imagine the movie...

Northern Light Inn

10 Coolest Bars in the World

The world is full of so many wonderful bars that you can take your pick from. However, if you only want to experience the finest establishments on the planet, you’re in luck – because here are our top 10 coolest...

the revenant movie

10 The Revenant Facts You Will Want to Know

If you have seen The Revenant, you will know Leonardo DiCaprio deserved to finally win an Academy Award for another fantastic performance. In celebration of the remarkable film, here are 10 facts you don’t know about The Revenant. 1. Method Acting  source:

Justin Bieber

10 Funniest Celebrity Art Purchases

Celebrities have bought all manner of weird and wonderful things over the years. At any given moment, a celebrity could be buying anything from a few thousands’ worth of glitter (Ke$ha, we’re looking at you) to your local football team (Sir Elton...

Lewis Hamilton celebration

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lewis Hamilton

Now three-time Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton has been the first genuine contender of the millennials’ generation. Because of this, it’s not surprising he leads an interesting life away from the track. Here are ten things you didn’t know...


10 Game Franchises Everyone Should Play

There are some games franchises that every gamer has to try out at least once. Here are the 10 games we think everyone should try out. 1. Fallout source: Fallout takes the idea of a Unites States destroyed by some...

Milford Sound

10 Surprising Facts About New Zealand

Although New Zealand might have hit the headlines due to the recent success of its rugby team, it’s surprising how little most of us know about this beautiful country. So here’s top ten weird facts about New Zealand ranging from pioneering slots...