5 Hottest Celebrity Endorsements of All Time

Celebrity endorsements are playing a significant role in promoting brands and products to the people. It is mainly because of the massive social prowess these personalities carry.  

Studies indicate that a large percentage of celebrity followers tend to purchase the advertised products to resonate with their icon.  

Listed below are some juicy celebrity endorsements that you might find interesting.

1. Dwayne Johnson For Under Armour  

The Rock, as he’s famously known, became the face of Under Armour at the beginning of the year 2018. The actor who was once a professional wrestler provides a vast following on social media that can be translated into a lot of money.  

Getting a personality like Dwayne to partner with you comes at a cost. Some demand to be integrated into the organization while others ask for hefty paychecks to offer their services. You can consider using a paystub as proof of payment for easy record keeping.  

The paystubs might prove to be vital while dealing with a false claim of money.

It is widely thought that his athleticism also played a significant role for him to seal the multimillion-dollar deal.

2. Lebron James For Nike  

James is regarded as one of the best basketballers of all time. He’s also known to be one of the best-paid athletes in the world. His earnings come from both on and off the basketball court.  

His deal with Nike in 2015 is one of a kind. He put pen to paper to seal a lifetime contract with the sports giant worth millions of dollars. He had signed a 90 million dollar deal before that.

3. Michael Jordan Celebrity Endorsement Of Nike

The greatest of all time, as he’s commonly referred to, has been in partnership with Nike since 1984. The Bulls legend has the highest grossing shoe deal on earth by a massive margin.  

Jordan has a colossal amount of following, especially in the world of sports.

Numerous editions of his shoes have been created ever since they hit the market. Long lines have always been witnessed whenever they debut in stores; they are mostly sold out within a day.

4. Justin Beiber and Calvin Klein Deal  

The Canadian pop star has a wide following all over the world. The majority of his fans are young people who call themselves Beliebers; they love his songs. It’s almost like a religion!

The musician rocks Calvin Klein underwear in a bid to increase their sales.

This move seems to have paid dividends already as a lot of purchases have been recorded ever since the deal was struck. Word has it, it was worth more than four million dollars.

5. Rihanna For Puma  

The German sportswear giant recorded a double-figure profit after a wave of making loses after striking a deal with Rihanna. The songstress with a great sense of fashion signed a contract with Puma in 2014; the brand has since witnessed rising sales.

The mega money deal would see Rihanna market the newly-released Puma sneakers that weren’t getting enough attention before the deal.

Are Celebrity Endorsements Worth While?

Celebrity endorsements have now formed the new wave of brand recognition. Despite being an expensive mode of advertisements, its results are almost instant.

Always consider getting your legal framework right before sealing a deal to avoid future contractual issues.

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