Take a Peek Inside Drake’s Mansion in Toronto: 3 Interesting Things

Building or owning a mansion is almost everyone’s dream. Well, for Drake that dream is a complete reality,

The Canadian hip hop star mega mansion sitting on a two-acre piece of land is almost nearing completion. By the look of the artists’ excitement during the period of construction, you can also say he’s also very eager to move into his new residence.

Rather than purchase a finished home as most celebrities do, Drake decided to come up with a new structure late 2016. He has also been kind enough to always share the ever-changing pictures of his property with his fans through his social media handles.

The famed architect Ferris Rafauli did the mansion’s design, nothing but elegance will be at a display once the whole project is concluded.

Drake’s mansion in Toronto is an architectural masterpiece, and for this reason, we will discuss some of the great unique features in detail below.

1. Suite

Just how long is the process of buying a house? It can be a hectic process for most people especially handling events like a change of ownership and so on. It might be for this reason that Drake decided to construct his house from the ground up.

Not only does one get to be involved fully in the process but also dictates tweaks and how things are done to have your dream custom home.

Just like most of us, Drake deems his suite as one of the essential parts of the mansion. For this reason, he invested a lot to make his custom imagination of the suite a reality.

The unique suits contain a steam shower, two private terraces, two dressing rooms and of course a big master bath. All this has been made possible by connecting the different spaces in the vast area.

2. Drake’s Mansion In Toronto Lower Floor

Every Drake fan knows his love for basketball cannot be questioned. The Toronto Raptors ambassador, therefore, initiated the construction of a regulated sized basketball court to enjoy his favorite sport.

It will also have memorabilia to cater to the sports collection he has received from various personalities.

A musician’s room can’t dare miss a trophy room to display their achievement. Drake will, of course, need a massive amount of space for all his awards. He has and is still winning a lot of trophies, so some space for future additions has been well-catered for.

The massive structure will also have a state of the indoor art pool and three bars. With a sauna, massage room, and hot tubs all being present, it is only fair to say a spa treatment will be world class in this home.

3. Outdoor

Drake’s love and taste for cars are top notches. He has therefore constructed a ten car garage and left enough space outside cater for some extras.

When Will Drake Move

Final touches to make Drake’s mansion in Toronto livable are being done so He can move into his dream home.

A lot of his fans can’t wait for him to share new pictures featuring the interior of the large house.

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