10 Amazing Facts About The Wolf of Wall Street

The List Love is offering 10 amazing facts about The Wolf of Wall Street, which is based on the true story of stock-broker Jordan Belfort and depicts his rise to a big shot businessman and a wanted criminal.

1. Cocaine

The Wolf of Wall Street cocaine

The cocaine snorted in The Wolf of Wall Street is actually made from crushed B vitamins.

2. Bed of Cash

the wolf of wall street sex on bed of cash scene

The scene where Margot Robbie (Naomi) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Jordan) have sex on a bed of cash was reportedly very uncomfortable, as the fake paper bills resulted in Margot suffering from multiple paper cuts on her back.

3. The Chest Beating

The Wolf of Wall Street leonardo dicaprio and matthew mcconaughey

Matthew McConaughey’s (Mark) famous chest-beating scene was never scripted and was improvised by the actor. He often does this to warm up and was spotted by Leonardo DiCaprio prior to filming.

When he looks uneasily away off-camera, he is looking for Martin Scorsese’s approval. Leo reportedly encouraged Scorsese to include the scene in the film, and later claimed it set the tone for the rest of the movie.

4. Prosthetic Penis

The wolf of wall street jonah hill

Jonah Hill (Donnie) wore a prosthetic penis in the masturbation scene. The surprised reactions from the actors and extras are all genuine.

5. Pay Cut

the wolf of wall street jonah hill and Leonardo Dicaprio

Jonah Hill wanted to work with Martin Scorsese so much that he took a pay cut to just $60,000.

6. The Car Scene

The Wolf of Wall Street car scene

The scene were Jordan struggles to make it to his car was improvised. Leonardo had an idea to open the car with his foot but strained his back during filming, and was only able to perform the action once.

7. Steven Spielberg

the wolf of wall street steve madden speech

Steven Spielberg spent a day on The Wolf of Wall Street set, watching the Steve Madden speech shoot. Martin Scorsese stated that Spielberg basically co-directed the scene as he gave advice to the actors and suggested camera angles.

8. The Dance Scene

the wolf of wall street dancing

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dance moves were all created on the spot, but he claims he’d learnt them over decades.

9. The Voice of John

the wolf of wall street penny stocks

Martin Scorsese made a cameo in The Wolf of Wall Street, as he is the voice of John, the first client whom Jordan sells Aerotyne I.N.D penny stocks.

10. The Real Jordan Belfort

the wolf of wall street sell me this pen scene

The real Jordan Belfort appears in The Wolf of Wall Street’s final scene. He is the guy that introduces Jordan Belfort, who is now a motivational speaker.

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