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10 Twitter Facts You Need to Tweet

Twitter is one of the most successful social network websites in the world, as 32% of all internet users all love a good tweet. There’s so much information on your Twitter feed, but probably not a lot about the site...

KFC Logo

10 Finger Lickin’ Good KFC Facts

KFC is the second biggest fast food chain in the world after McDonalds, and is home to some of the tastiest chicken you’re ever likely to eat. But what do we actually know about this restaurant? Well, we’re about to...


10 Breaking Bad Facts, Bitch

Are you having bad Breaking Bad withdrawal symptoms? You and everyone else who adores the meth-loving show. To help you go cold turkey, we’ve compiled 10 facts about the world’s favourite TV show. Warning: spoilers ahead! 1. The White Underpants...


10 Historic Photos that Were Photoshopped

Photo manipulation existed long before computers or Photoshop, as some of the most iconic historical images were altered to improve the shot or for political agendas. Just take a look at these early photo edits from these well-known shots… 1. Stalin...


10 Super Superman Facts

Before there was Batman, Captain America or Spiderman, there was Superman – who was the second superhero the world first became aware of back in 1938, after Lee Falk’s The Phantom in 1936. So, here at The List Love, we...


10 Surprising Sex and the City Facts

The Sex and the City ladies rarely kept any information to themselves, yet there is so much about the hit show we don’t know. So we thought we’d share 10 of the most interesting facts about everyone’s favourite foursome.  ...